Benefits of choosing laser hair removal


More and more people are choosing to undergo laser hair removal treatment and thus forget about wax, depilatory cream or razors, which are only temporary solutions. Thus, there are many parts of our body in which we would like to end hair forever, although the legs, armpits and groin are the most demanded areas.

The laser hair removal technique consists of a light treatment that is applied to the area where you want to remove the hair. In the case of our clinic we use a diode laser hair removal treatment, which is much less painful than conventional laser hair removal as it is performed with an appliance consisting of a sapphire tip that avoids the patient’s pain during the session. In the same way, with this technique you will not suffer burns or scars of any kind after its completion. For these reasons, this type of laser hair removal is the most used today, since it is the one that provides us with the most benefits.

At So Glamor we are specialists in Laser hair removal Manhasset using LPG, acting on the different parts of the body and thus getting rid of hair from the roots so that it does not come out again. But why do more and more people choose this form of hair removal, what advantages does it really have?


Benefits of laser hair removal

1. Comfort

Laser hair removal will provide us with the comfort of never having to wax again. After completing a few sessions, which will depend on each person and the force with which the hair grows, we can forget about waxing again. Although it is very difficult to completely eliminate the hair, laser hair removal is approximately 98% effective, so we will eliminate the hair practically in its entirety and, more importantly, permanently.

Something that we must also highlight is that we will be able to see the results from the first treatment sessions and it does not need prior preparation before performing the sessions, only the specialist who will perform the treatment will give us some small recommendations.

2. Security

This type of hair removal is one of the safest that we can find at this time, since with diode laser hair removal the skin is not exposed to thermal effects or high temperatures as in other types of laser hair removal. Thus, our skin is protected from damage such as irritation, itching or burns. Also, no matter the color of your hair, the technique is just as effective and just as safe regardless of whether you are blonde or brunette and regardless of the thickness of your hair.

3. Freedom and hygiene in sport

Another advantage that laser hair removal gives us is greater freedom and greater hygiene when performing any type of physical activity. This is so because by not having hair we will have a greater feeling of freedom and as our skin is completely hair-free, the skin will dry the sweat derived from physical exercise beforehand and we will avoid the decomposition of the bacteria that generate the bad smell .

4. Speed ​​of sessions

Depending on the extent that we want to treat, laser hair removal will have one duration or another, however the treatment is quite fast . For example, in the largest area of ​​our body, which would be the entire leg waxing, it may take a little less than 45 minutes to complete the treatment, less than with other types of waxing. In addition, we will also save time in the sense that in a few sessions we will stop having hair and we will not have to spend time waxing again.

5. No more ingrown hairs

There are many people who when shaving in a conventional way and especially when shaving, find that some of their hair has become embedded in the skin. This can lead to problems like scarring and even infection. Through the laser hair removal technique, by finishing the hair directly from the root we prevent the hair from becoming encrusted.

6. Aesthetics

Last but not least, we must highlight the aesthetic benefits of this type of hair removal treatment. Through laser hair removal we will be able to eliminate any type of hair, thus achieving a smooth and shiny skin at all times. This treatment can be done all over the body, both on the shoulders, on the back and even on the ears, which will allow us to say goodbye to that hair that can cause us a complex or that we simply do not want.

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