How To Get Great Market Research For Your App Idea


So you’ve got it! An amazing app idea that involves flying birds that you need to get to the safety of some pipes. It’s an idea that will have people flocking to the app store to download your creation. You will be feted by the big boys, all interested in how you did it. But wait, there already IS a Flappy Bird app that was, until recently, wildly successful.

Now what? This wouldn’t have happened if you had just done some research. I know, I know, the word “research” fills you with boredom and dread. However, without solid research performed, you may just end up with nothing but a lot of wasted time and possibly wasted money.

Let me help by showing you how to do a simple assessment of the marketplace for your app.

Broad vs. Micro Niche

First of all, who is the audience for your app? You need to clarify and target a certain group or “niche”. There are two ways you can target a market. You can go broad or micro. Remember, even if you are going after a broad market, you’re still targeting a certain niche, albeit a very wide niche (for example, men between the ages of 18 and 65 who like fishing).

Aspects of the Micro-Niche Market

With a micro-niche market, although small in potential size, the traffic you will get is highly targeted and can lead to a high conversion rate. Examples of these types of apps include those that cater to medical professionals, attorneys, fitness club owners, etc. By having a well-defined audience, Fmwhatsapp you can actually pre-validate your idea very well.

Steps To Validate Your App Idea

Some ways you can go about validating your app idea is by speaking with business owners in your niche about their pain points. Ask them which of their problems they would be willing to pay to solve their issues. By doing this, you have already identified your customer, their need and can now tailor your idea to meet that need.

Another avenue to leverage in the pre-validation process is to reach out to bloggers and opinion leaders in your niche and ask them what they think about your app idea and if they would be willing to test it out when developed. By doing this, you will already have a direct marketing connection to your potential end users.

Aspects of the Broad Niche Market

When targeting a broader market, you will need to look at the overall app ecosystem. The first stop should be researching the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to find those segments that are popular and trending.

How to Identify Trends in the App Store

First, head over to the App Charts section of the App Store. You can browse the charts on your device or in the iTunes program. It is important to remember that the App Store on your smartphone and in iTunes will show the App Store for your country (this is based on how you connected to the software). Each country’s App Store will show patterns specific to their region. You can change the country by going into the iTunes Store and scrolling down to the bottom right corner. There you can change the country by clicking on the flag of your choice.

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